Whether you’re a serial binge offender or the occasional Netflix and chill’er it’s always helpful to know what’s good on Netflix.

Good you say? Well I can do better than that.

Do you ever feel limited by the shows available in your region? Well I do (or should I say did). I always used to see the shows advertised for American Netflix through social media – the best, the baddest dramas from the states.MADMEN.jpgSupernatural, Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, Friends – yes classics as well.

Well in a few simple steps you can have access to the world of Netflix – no limitations Continue reading

HUSH Film Review

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

“Too many endings, they’re all the same. Which means there’s only one he won’t expect.”

When it comes to horror films (especially on Netflix) there are more misses than hits.

Hush, an American film directed by Mike Flanagan, and co-written alongside leading actress Kate Siegel brings a whole new meaning to the term silent but deadly. Continue reading


Whether you’re a serial binge offender or the occasional Netflix and chill’er it’s always helpful to know what’s good on Netflix.

If you’re like myself you’ll waste a good 15 plus minutes scrolling through trying to find something decent to watch, then end up with at best a 2 star film.

In this series (The NET-CHICK) – which I’ll be adding to regularly, my aim will be solely focussed on finding the best film and television series Netflix has to offer.


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Adele Stuns At The O2 

Hello From The Other Side…

Tuesday marked Adele’s sixth night at London’s O2 arena – and boy was it a showstopper.

Adele has made a glorious comeback with her third album 25, being labelled one of the bestselling artists of all time. A few months back when she announced a worldwide stadium tour the reactions were mixed, her fans (myself included) couldn’t wait to see the powerhouse star in person, the other half however (the skeptics) made the argument “why do you want to see a woman standing around singing”. Yes, Adele might not have the booty shaking abilities of Beyonce, but she has one thing very few artists have nowadays – talent, raw, undeniable talent.  Continue reading

19 Years of Slayer Action

As Buffy turns 19 I look back at her best moments as televisions chosen one.

Yesterday marked the 19-year anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Yes 19! Boy that makes me feel old. For many kids growing up in the 90s Buffy marked a turning point in American pop-culture. She was one of the first kick-ass women to take centre stage on prime time television. Thanks to creative genius Joss Whedon we were able to live out our slayer/vampire fantasy for seven seasons (not forgetting the Angel spin-off)

I’ve compiled some of my favourite BTVS moments below – comment and let me know your favourites! Continue reading