Nineties Movie Bliss On Netflix – As If!

Feeling nostalgic? Why not take a walk down memory lane and embrace some classic films and the quotes that made them hits.

Along with cinema gold the 90s brought with it classic fashion trends such as the bowl cut, scrunchies and the overpowering scent of CK one – yes not all of them left much to be desired, but the following films have proved the test of time. 

Lets reminisce…

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19 Years of Slayer Action

As Buffy turns 19 I look back at her best moments as televisions chosen one.

Yesterday marked the 19-year anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Yes 19! Boy that makes me feel old. For many kids growing up in the 90s Buffy marked a turning point in American pop-culture. She was one of the first kick-ass women to take centre stage on prime time television. Thanks to creative genius Joss Whedon we were able to live out our slayer/vampire fantasy for seven seasons (not forgetting the Angel spin-off)

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