Nineties Movie Bliss On Netflix – As If!

Feeling nostalgic? Why not take a walk down memory lane and embrace some classic films and the quotes that made them hits.

Along with cinema gold the 90s brought with it classic fashion trends such as the bowl cut, scrunchies and the overpowering scent of CK one – yes not all of them left much to be desired, but the following films have proved the test of time. 

Lets reminisce…

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Whether you’re a serial binge offender or the occasional Netflix and chill’er it’s always helpful to know what’s good on Netflix.

If you’re like myself you’ll waste a good 15 plus minutes scrolling through trying to find something decent to watch, then end up with at best a 2 star film.

In this series (The NET-CHICK) – which I’ll be adding to regularly, my aim will be solely focussed on finding the best film and television series Netflix has to offer.


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Adele Stuns At The O2 

Hello From The Other Side…

Tuesday marked Adele’s sixth night at London’s O2 arena – and boy was it a showstopper.

Adele has made a glorious comeback with her third album 25, being labelled one of the bestselling artists of all time. A few months back when she announced a worldwide stadium tour the reactions were mixed, her fans (myself included) couldn’t wait to see the powerhouse star in person, the other half however (the skeptics) made the argument “why do you want to see a woman standing around singing”. Yes, Adele might not have the booty shaking abilities of Beyonce, but she has one thing very few artists have nowadays – talent, raw, undeniable talent.  Continue reading

Best New App Of 2016 – Best New Free App

Yes we live in a time that is OBSESSED with app technology. Social media governs what’s “in” and more significantly whats “out”.

Over the past couple of days I have seen the most bizarre and hilarious videos posted on social media by celebrities. Now the app in question is – despite sounding like a cure for the impending zombie apocalypse, this fun tech brings hours worth of entertainment.

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