Matt Irwin Tribute

Today we say goodbye to celebrity photographer Matt Irwin. He had captured some of the worlds most iconic faces; from Lady Gaga to Cara Delevingne – at the young age of 36 he has left a stunning legacy behind him. I look back at some of his classic shoots. Rest in peace friend.

Matt Irwin and Harry Styles Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 22.05.52.png

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Nineties Movie Bliss On Netflix – As If!

Feeling nostalgic? Why not take a walk down memory lane and embrace some classic films and the quotes that made them hits.

Along with cinema gold the 90s brought with it classic fashion trends such as the bowl cut, scrunchies and the overpowering scent of CK one – yes not all of them left much to be desired, but the following films have proved the test of time. 

Lets reminisce…

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Whether you’re a serial binge offender or the occasional Netflix and chill’er it’s always helpful to know what’s good on Netflix.

Good you say? Well I can do better than that.

Do you ever feel limited by the shows available in your region? Well I do (or should I say did). I always used to see the shows advertised for American Netflix through social media – the best, the baddest dramas from the states.MADMEN.jpgSupernatural, Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, Friends – yes classics as well.

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HUSH Film Review

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

“Too many endings, they’re all the same. Which means there’s only one he won’t expect.”

When it comes to horror films (especially on Netflix) there are more misses than hits.

Hush, an American film directed by Mike Flanagan, and co-written alongside leading actress Kate Siegel brings a whole new meaning to the term silent but deadly. Continue reading