Matt Irwin Tribute

Today we say goodbye to celebrity photographer Matt Irwin. He had captured some of the worlds most iconic faces; from Lady Gaga to Cara Delevingne – at the young age of 36 he has left a stunning legacy behind him. I look back at some of his classic shoots. Rest in peace friend.

Matt Irwin and Harry Styles Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 22.05.52.png

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10 Times Lady Gaga Nailed It 

Sunday marked the annual Superbowl extravaganza. People across the world tuned in to watch…mainly because of the A-listers who perform every year. 2016 brought with it another killer performance by Queen B who was joined by Chris Martin and Bruno Mars. However it was the starlet who kicked off the game with the national anthem that left everyone speechless – yes, Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga 3

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