Me Before You Film Review

A Love Story For All Time

Tragic, heartfelt and undoubtedly romantic. Adapted from JoJo Moyes bestselling novel, Me Before You tells the story of Louisa “Lou” Clark a young and quirky twenty-something woman eager to land a new job to help support her family.

Lou is played by Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) whom as well as being an almighty Khaleesi brings personality and trueness to the role, she’ll honestly have you laughing from start to finish – when you’re not blubbering like a baby of course.Me Before You 1.jpgWhen Lou finally lands a well-paid job working as  a caregiver her cheerful persona is put to the test, especially when she meets Will Traynor played by Sam Claflin (Hunger Games). The young, wealthy banker was sadly left paralysed from an accident two years earlier, it’s down to Louisa to change Will’s outlook on life and open his eyes to a brighter future.Me Before You 2Despite not having read the book prior (starting it as we speak) I already had an idea that there wasn’t going to be the happiest of endings, BUT Me Before You is without a doubt soul satisfying. You’ll leave the cinema feeling emotionally charged.

Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke are the perfect match of beauty and wit.

As well as the two leads the film is filled with various British talent such as Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter), Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) and another Game of Thrones favourite Charles Dance.

Whether you’re a fan of the book, or simply looking for a cinema MUST SEE, you’ve definitely made the right choice with this film.

Honestly one of the best films I’ve seen in a LONG time.

P.S. BUMBLE BEE TIGHTS  *cries with happiness*Me Before You 4.jpgRATING: 9/10

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