Whether you’re a serial binge offender or the occasional Netflix and chill’er it’s always helpful to know what’s good on Netflix.

Good you say? Well I can do better than that.

Do you ever feel limited by the shows available in your region? Well I do (or should I say did). I always used to see the shows advertised for American Netflix through social media – the best, the baddest dramas from the states.MADMEN.jpgSupernatural, Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, Friends – yes classics as well.

Well in a few simple steps you can have access to the world of Netflix – no limitationsFRIENDS GIFThrough research I discovered multiple ways that people have accessed US Netflix, but I’m only going to tell you the best.

The site Nord VPN offers you a safe gateway to unrestricted access. If you don’t believe me the company offer a free trial – a way for you to test the theory for yourself.

The way the VPN service works is by giving you a new IP address while the app is open. You decide the region, and hey presto  you’re technically working from that country.Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 13.07.31How much?

Well if you’re satisfied after the free trial – like I was. You can purchase a years access for roughly £30. With this you get guaranteed access and assistance. Other VPN providers offer access to Netflix, however Netflix has set up a proxy service blocking this. Luckily Nord VPN is one step ahead, offering complete access.

Simply log into your Netflix account as normal and stream away.NETFLIX.jpgSUPERNATURAL


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