HUSH Film Review

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

“Too many endings, they’re all the same. Which means there’s only one he won’t expect.”

When it comes to horror films (especially on Netflix) there are more misses than hits.

Hush, an American film directed by Mike Flanagan, and co-written alongside leading actress Kate Siegel brings a whole new meaning to the term silent but deadly.hush 2.jpgWithout giving away too many spoilers the film follows reclusive author Maddie who went deaf as a teenager, years later (now a semi-famous author) finds herself being hunted by an deranged masked killer inside her isolated home.

It truly is kill or be killed.

Verdict: A fresh perspective on the classic slasher film, unlike most ditzy airheads in the horror genre the female protagonist shows intelligence and rational thinking. She may be deaf, but her disability in no means makes her weak. Overall a successful Netflix watch.rating.jpg

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