Adele Stuns At The O2 

Hello From The Other Side…

Tuesday marked Adele’s sixth night at London’s O2 arena – and boy was it a showstopper.

Adele has made a glorious comeback with her third album 25, being labelled one of the bestselling artists of all time. A few months back when she announced a worldwide stadium tour the reactions were mixed, her fans (myself included) couldn’t wait to see the powerhouse star in person, the other half however (the skeptics) made the argument “why do you want to see a woman standing around singing”. Yes, Adele might not have the booty shaking abilities of Beyonce, but she has one thing very few artists have nowadays – talent, raw, undeniable talent.


Her first number ‘Hello’ left everyone stunned, she unlike anyone I have ever seen before has the ability to leave you speechless. Emotion swept the arena, how is it possible for someone to sound better live?


As well as her voice Adele carried the night with her personality and comical wit – just like spending the night drinking and having fun with your best friend, that’s the effect she had on the crowd. Throughout the night she interacted with her fans, getting them on stage for selfies, singing happy birthday and signing memorabilia.

Halfway through the show Adele had a few words to say about the horrific scenes earlier that morning in Brussels. She encouraged us to stand together. With our phone torches shining bright Adele began to sing ‘Make you feel my love’, dedicating it to the innocent lives lost.


You made me laugh. You made me cry and you stunned the whole arena with your flawless vocals and undeniable talent – thank you Adele for a truly unforgettable evening x

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