19 Years of Slayer Action

As Buffy turns 19 I look back at her best moments as televisions chosen one.

Yesterday marked the 19-year anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Yes 19! Boy that makes me feel old. For many kids growing up in the 90s Buffy marked a turning point in American pop-culture. She was one of the first kick-ass women to take centre stage on prime time television. Thanks to creative genius Joss Whedon we were able to live out our slayer/vampire fantasy for seven seasons (not forgetting the Angel spin-off)

I’ve compiled some of my favourite BTVS moments below – comment and let me know your favourites!

Did I mention already that she kicks ass?giphy-18She may be dead, but she’s still pretty…giphy-5But where would Buffy be without the Scooby Gang?giphy-11Oh and could she get a better Watcher?!giphy-16All this saving the world business can get pretty tiring…giphy-12But I suppose having an extra slayer can help ease the work load…right?giphy-3Getting through high school is hard enough without having to save the world on a daily basis, at least she got a umbrella to say thanks eh? giphy-7Like every woman growing up Buffy has had her fair share of love and loss, yet not all of us can say we’ve dated a vampire…on multiple occasions…


Oh lets not forget all the monsters…particularly these creepy gentlemen!giphy-14I feel a Buffy marathon coming on…giphy-4.gif

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