Jennifer Lawrence’s Best GIF Moments

JLawOur favourite girl J-Law never fails to put a smile on our face. Whether she’s expressing her love of food, falling head over heels, or simply telling it like it is – We can’t help but love this Hollywood beauty. giphy-12.gif

Being the second youngest person in history to win the best actress award at the Oscars hasn’t stopped Jennifer from being the hilarious down-to-earth girl we all want to grab a drink with. Her success with the Hunger Games saga has made Lawrence one of the most sought after actors in recent years. With yet another Oscar nomination under her belt I can only see great things in this leading lady’s future.

Jennifer Lawrence really is the GIF that keeps on giving…

Remember the days when actors would rave about their new diets – not J-Law. She’s all about pizza…giphy-5.gifgiphy-15.gif Food is the best part of the day!giphy-4.gifJennifer has a knack for speeches…remember the Mean Girls one?giphy-6.gifAnd that time she took a tumble at the Oscars…giphy-7giphy-8Luckily she had practice falling in heels.giphy-9.gifBut how did the Oscar winner get so good at acting?giphy-10.gif She also tells the truth…even when we don’t want to hear it.giphy-11.gif She’s funny and she knows it…giphy-13.gifEven Jennifer has her fan-girl moments…giphy-14.gifgiphy-16.gif And a number of celebrity pals. giphy-17.gifLet’s not forget her crazy faces.
giphy-2.gif But hey that’s why we love her!



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