10 Times Lady Gaga Nailed It 

Sunday marked the annual Superbowl extravaganza. People across the world tuned in to watch…mainly because of the A-listers who perform every year. 2016 brought with it another killer performance by Queen B who was joined by Chris Martin and Bruno Mars. However it was the starlet who kicked off the game with the national anthem that left everyone speechless – yes, Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga 3

Known for her quirky-ness and unbelievable talent, the blonde bombshell sung her heart out in true Christina-esk fashion. Yet this wasn’t the first time Miss G left everyone in awe. I’ve put together some of her best performances/ moments that truly make her a force to be reckoned with.

10 Gaga’s Little MonstersLady Gaga 79 Teaming Up With Hollywood Legend Tony Bennett 

8 Her Iconic Magazine CoversLady Gaga 6.jpg7 Getting Engaged To Chicago Fire HunkLady Gaga 56 Slaying In Her First Major Acting Role For American Horror StoryLady Gaga 2.gifLady Gaga 15 Forever Breaking The Rules Of Fashion – And WE LOVE IT!

4 Allowing Music To Mean More Than Just Words

3 Winning A Golden Globe For Performance in American Horror Story Lady Gaga 1.gif

2 Singing The National Anthem At The Superbowl 2016 

1 Her Unforgettable Oscars Performance 2015 

Lady Gaga 4

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