Summer Loving

I’m terrible when it comes to sitting down and writing blogs for you all, however I intend to improve on this in the coming days! Two of my main passions are film and fashion (ooo that rhymes), this summer I wanted to indulge my love for both of these things.

I’m fascinated by American culture and how it’s portrayed in cinema – for instance the “movie” drive throughs, and large red cups filled with joy. However these types of things aren’t really advertised in the UK. Yet before I gave up on the concept a few of my friends mentioned going to a “pop up cinema”. After doing some research it turns out that in the Summer multiple companies band together to create the authentic outdoor film festival – possibly the best invention!

Sadly loads of the well-known companies such as ‘The Luna Cinema’ sell out REALLY fast. Luckily I was able to get tickets at a later date. Now considering neither my friend or I had been to one of these festivals before we opted for the VIP option – which sounds fancier then what it was. Basically with the package we got a free drink and a comfy seat instead of the grass. The experience itself was great, we watched Ghostbusters at night in Victoria Embankment Gardens, surrounded by people who clearly appreciated the film as much as we did – WHO YOU GONNA CALL?!


Yes the Luna Cinema definitely delivered, and got me curious as to what other companies offered. I came across the company ‘POP Up Screens’ who just happened to be doing three days worth of films in my local park. The tickets were priced at £10 a night – which is a bargain compared to other companies. On the Sunday I went with my friend to see Grease, needless to say that there was lots of singing. This time round we were camped out on the grass with a blanket and a large packet of popcorn. What’s so great about these film events is the fact you can relive your favourite cinema moments with other film lovers.


As it’s the end of Summer these companies wont be open again till next year. If you’re like me and love film make sure you check one of these out next year, or if you’ve been to one recently share you’re own experience in the comment box! Let me know if you have any questions!

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