Inside Out Review

We laughed. We cried. 

Disney’s latest Pixar release ‘Inside Out’ has left a lasting impression with audiences worldwide, and heres why!

Inside Out

I didn’t quite know what to expect when seeing Pixar’s latest film release Inside Out. The trailer immediately grabbed my attention, what a clever and witty way of displaying the emotions and thoughts of these characters – from the youngest Riley who is struggling with the families recent move. To the mum who wants to know what her daughters thinking, and finally the dad who clearly is in a world of his own.

Yet despite the usual linear characters, we get to know, and love the emotions. The film shows from birth how we as humans evolve, learning new emotions: joy, fear, disgust, anger and of course sadness.

Inside OutDespite typical Disney films being angled at children, the clever script translates so well to adults. Watching this young girl grow up happy, and as she reached the awkward pre-teen age where anger and sadness comes into the picture, it really makes you reflect on your own childhood and how you acted at that age.

As we grow up our brain much like the film displayed choses what memories are “core” and worth remembering. This touching animation has truly made an impression on me, and I would definitely recommend you watch this.

Overall I would rate the film 8/10.

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