Ant-Man Review

Good things come in small packages. 

Marvels latest superhero may be small, but he comes with one hell of a kick.

Ant-Man is the latest film in the Marvel Universe to hit the big screen, following Avengers: Age of Ultron. Personally I feel the previous few films have seriously lacked with plot and character relationships, opting for the bigger and bolder action scenes.

However Ant-Man, much like Guardians of the Galaxy has brought a  revitalised outlook on the superhero world. With Ant-Man we go back to the basics of a classic heist film, which brings with it humour, friendship, and a great cast, including Michael Douglas and Hobbit star Evangeline Lily.

Ant-Man 2015

Paul Rudd takes on the responsibility of wearing the infamous Ant-Man suit. Now Paul is known for his comedic roles, and with this character he doesn’t disappoint. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) has the sarcastic wit of Tony Stark – without the arrogance. Ant-Man brings the family element into play with Lang’s daughter, whom he is trying to build a life for.

Like all Marvel films Ant-Man includes great cameo appearances from some of our favourite characters.

I don’t want to spoil the plot but it’s definitely a must see!

Ant-Man may be a hero, but like any other superhuman he wouldn’t be anywhere without his sick kick, or in Ant-Mans case side kicks. Keep a look out for Antony!

Another audience favourite is Luis, played by Michael Pena. Luis is a criminal, friend and ex-cell mate of Scott Lang, throughout the film he brings entertainment and hilarious one liners – I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this character pop up even more in the following Marvel releases.

Ant-Man Poster

Plus don’t forget to stay to the end for the always exciting glimpse at the next film in the Marvel series: Captain America Civil War, which wont be released until May 2016.

So until then, why not watch the trailer for Ant-Man right here.

Overall I would rate the film 7.5/10.

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