True Story Film Review

Hill and Franco have teamed up for the gripping thriller True Story.

Usually the famous pair have been seen acting side by side in comedy flicks such as This Is The End, however this film is far from comedic.

The plot follows Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill) who’s career is blossoming at The New York Times, his reputation manages to attract a rather illusive fan. Finkel’s career begins to head south as misleading information tarnishes his last story. As his career and household name becomes lost we meet Christian Longo (James Franco), a mysterious man traveling in Mexico. In the first few scenes Longo meets an attractive German woman whom he begins to charm, when they exchange names instead of him giving his own he claims to be Michael Finkel, writer at The New York Times.

The plot thickens when moments after the two have hocked up the police arrest Longo for the murder of his wife and three children. When Finkel discovers the story he immediately writes to Longo in prison – could this be the story to restore Finkel’s career?

James Franco True Story

A game of cat and mouse begins. Who is Christian Longo? What is the truth? Did he really kill his family?

This film is based on an actual ‘true story’, making the gruesome crime more chilling to watch.

Finkel builds an odd attachment to Longo, becoming blinded to his hidden agenda. James Franco plays the mysterious Christian perfectly, and the friendship between him and Jonah adds to the characters onscreen chemistry.

Another bonus is Finkel’s girlfriend played by Felicity Jones, whom since The Theory of Everything has become an onscreen favourite.

So all in all I would rate this film 6.5 out of 10. 

It was a good film with solid performances, however I would have liked to of scene more of Christian before him and Michael met.

True Story Film Poster

Watch the trailer here.

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