Insidious: Chapter 3 Review

So yesterday I took my mum to go see the new Insidious film. Now she’s not exactly a lover of horrors like myself but funnily enough we both enjoyed the film, scares and all.

The plot of this film goes back to the beginning. We see Lin Shaye’s character Elise unlike how we’ve seen her before: broken, hurting – after the loss of her husband and a trip to the other side she’s extremely wary about using her ability to help the young Quinn Brenner.

The film itself is an improvement from the last instalment of the franchise, however the film heavily relies on the cliche ‘what goes bump in the night’ tactics. There are a few moments that make you jump out of your seat, yet after seeing the film the initial scares from the trailer have left my memory.

I can always tell whether something was scary or not by how quick I’m able to sleep, and after this film sadly I slept like a baby!

It’s an easy enough watch, but the fear factor towards the end was lacking.

I’d score the film 6/10.

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